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Alabama Small Business Capital (ASBC), a d/b/a of Florida Business Development Corporation, a Florida not for profit corporation, is a private, non-profit Certified Development Company established in 1989 to administer the Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 Loan Program. In addition to the 504 Loan Program, ASBC is active in the economic development in the community in which it serves. Take a look at our expertise:

We assist small businesses like yours in securing long-term, below-market, fixed-rate financing for the acquisition of fixed assets and more.

We provide financial/technical assistance and advisory services to companies considering starting or expanding their business in addition to acquiring real estate.

We make the application process easy for you by helping you from the start of the process through the closing.

We offer a comprehensive array of services to help meet the needs of your small business

Loan Refinancing

The new SBA 504 Refinance Program gives small business owners more options to refinance their commercial real estate loans and potentially obtain cash back.

Machinery & Equipment

The 504 Loan Program allows for the acquisition of heavy machinery and equipment. In addition, real estate can be developed and or renovated without having to provide a large down payment.


Billion in Total Projects Approved
Thousand in Total Estimated Job Creation
Million in Total Direct Lending Approved
Million donated granted to local communities

*The above metrics represent the combined accomplishments of Florida Business Development Corporation and its DBAs Georgia Small Business Capital and Alabama Small Business Capital


  • John T., Community Bank & Trust of GeorgiaWe assisted a client with an SBA-504 program loan on a construction project to build a restaurant.  Based on some prior and positive results, we reached out to one of our local CDC's, Alabama Small Business Capital, and worked with Derek King and Angela Peterson.  From pre-approval to the final construction draw, we could not have had a better team.  Derek and Angela are responsive, helpful, and a great part of our team.
  • Tabitha J., Family Therapy Associates of Jacksonville

    Searching for and securing a loan can be overwhelming, but Derek and Kara made the process as streamlined and simplified as possible. They were consistently professional, extremely responsive, and always eager to help. I would highly recommend Derek, Kara and the FBDC to anyone looking for an SBA loan.

  • Christopher P, Sunshine Bank

    I have had the pleasure of working with Tim Cramer at FBDC and the SBA 504 loan program for many years. Their responsiveness and knowledge of the program has helped us to reach the closing table with ease numerous times. At the same time, the advice and counsel they provide gives my clients peace-of-mind and confidence throughout the loan process. Through this solid partnership with FBDC, clients have come to realize that the SBA process does not have to be difficult and can be as easy as a conventional loan. SBA loans aren't just for start-up businesses, either. The benefits of as little as 10% down and getting a second fixed rate mortgage for 20 years --in one of the lowest interest rate environments in decades --is attractive to any business owner, whether new or established. I highly recommend Tim Cramer and Alabama Small Business Capital.

  • Warren D, Puff N Stuff

    It gives me great pleasure to recommend you to any company that is interested in growing their business and is seeking a financial partner. I can say without question that I would not be where I am today without you in my life. As an entrepreneur, I'm a calculated risk-taker and I need someone on the other side of the table who understands my entrepreneurial ways, but views the opportunity from a pragmatic state. I've found that in you. When I think back to the financing of our first real estate project together in 2006, we ran into significant problems when the initial bank backed out of the deal post-closing on the real estate. You stepped in, found us the right primary lender, and told the story as well as I did. You're a true advocate - you see beyond the numbers and understand the vision and what we are trying to accomplish. That said, there are always parameters - we must live inside our means, and you understand that. It's an incredible balance that is difficult to find in a lending institution. Growing and leveraging my company has been both exciting and challenging, and thanks to your help I've been able to significantly grow my real estate portfolio to support the growing needs of my companies. I would highly recommend you to anyone that is seeking a relationship with a lender.

  • Jim Downey, US Ameribank

    I like to use the 504 program when a client prefers to put less down on equipment or real estate. Part of the loan gets a great long term fixed rate and the fees can be financed. Alabama Small Business Capital has a great team from top to bottom. They are always willing to answer any questions and I trust them to speak directly to my clients. Not only do they help during the approval and closing process they are there during the servicing of the loans as well. FBDC has a very knowledgeable staff and is a great resource to answer all of my SBA 504 questions.

We look forward to working with you on SBA 504 financing opportunities.

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